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Now 37075 dogs


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Breeder and puppy info's

This poodle pedigree database is currently the first common database for all 4 poodle sizes - Standard Poodle - Medium Poodle - Miniatur Poodle - Toy Poodle.

This database should help and support breeders in their future breeding decisions. For adding, editing pedigrees and breeding analyses please log in. Also enter the health data of your dogs. With a broad information also of these data breeding decisions can be better made.

Registered breeders can get their own breeders page with their dogs, please note when registering.

  • search for the ancestors of your dogs
  • simple litter planning with automatic calculation of COI - AVK for future throws
  • graphical representation of the relationship relation
  • comprehensive health analyses
  • register your stud dogs
  • add photos of your dogs 
  • enter show successes
  • you will find breeders on the map
  • account management - edit your own data email, password etc.

We are still at the beginning and invite you to take a look around.

We are convinced that you will also quickly notice how clear, easy to handle and an analysis of your breeding plans with this database is possible. click sample

Please register and enter your dogs and your breeder page.

We also invite future dog owners to have a look at the pedigree history before or after the purchase of your puppy. Help us to complete the pedigrees, add photos and much more. After a short registration you will receive this access.

A free service from breeders for breeders, owners and interested people of these unique dogs.

Thank you very much
The Database Team

Bettina & Martin Pelkmann - Germany
in February 2019